8 thoughts on “THE GUGA STONE

  1. Possible blurb for new book …

    Acrobats, airmen, cormorants, cragsmen and angels leap, climb, shimmer and swoop through the pages of Donald S Murray’s new book, The Guga Stone. Assisted by the wonderful art-work of Douglas Robertson, it tells the story of how Calum Mackinnon was sent to guard the houses in Village Bay, St Kilda shortly after its evacuation in 1930.
    While there, Calum conjures up conversations with the island’s former residents, providing, through both prose and verse, fresh and often surreal insights into life on Scotland’s western edge.

    Humorous and moving, surprising and enchanting, ‘The Guga Stone’ celebrates the miracles and wonders of an existence eked out on cliff and crag, sea-rock and skerry, the exile of its people, too, far from their native shores.

    Enlightening as fulmar oil, exquisite and savoury as the flavour of the guga itself, ‘The Guga Stone’ reveals the small and great truths of the human imagination as it recreates that island’s tales and legends for our time.

    1. Great stuff – certainly makes me want to read it. Couple of tiny things might be tweaked – rather than “both prose and verse” I’d go for a descriptive adjective, e.g. “vibrant prose and verse”. Then “the exile of its people” – what’s the grammatical structure there? Needs a semi-colon at least and probably an explicit connector, “celebrates x and y” or a different verb: “celebrates x and conjures y”. And “that island’s tales” – ‘that’ is too distant – just ‘the’.

  2. I wondered if, ‘commemorates the miracles, wonders and hardships of an existence…..’, portrays a truer image?

  3. Sorry, Sarah. Hardly a diatribe. There is more reasoning and humour in it (I hope) than that. I also love your definition of ‘establishment’. In most people’s eyes, an MP is part of that. You also claim you’re from Uist though it’s hard to tell if that’s true. If it is the case I would ask to read up on how the MP reacted when 150 jobs were threatened in your community. It is enlightening to say the least. An appalling betrayal of Uist and its people. Finally I would say that when any party is represented by both the MP and MSP in a constituency, they are the establishment. It is part of the SNP cult of victimhood in the Western Isles that they fail to perceive the reality of that.

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